Dear Clearview Customer,

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. We’re committed to supplying the Massachusetts electric market with affordable, reliable, clean energy solutions so customers have options. And we’ve been delivering on that commitment and our pledge to provide excellent customer service for 13 years.

But the Massachusetts legislature has proposed a bill that would ban competition in the electric market. If this bill passes, you’ll no longer be able to choose which company supplies your electricity. Customers in Massachusetts deserve to continue to shop and compare electric rates, offers, and contract terms; review different sources of electricity; and make a selection based on their household’s energy usage, preferences, and needs.

Will you help us fight this ban on your electric choice? There are four things you can do to help that take less than 5 minutes.

1. Email your representative at

2. Sign this petition

3. Share this post on Twitter:

I want the freedom to choose the kind of electricity I use and deserve to shop and compare companies, rates, and terms, like other products and services I rely on. Please remove the electric choice ban in S.2842 @jeffroy @tackeychan @RepBradJones @BarrettSenate @cindycreem @SenBruceTarr @BarrettSenate @cindycreem

4. Share this post on Facebook:

The Massachusetts legislature has proposed a bill that would prevent energy companies from competing with state utilities. We deserve to continue shopping and comparing companies and their rates and terms for our electricity – as we do for other products and services. I’ve signed the petition to oppose the ban on electric competition. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE!

Thank you for your time and cooperation and for being a customer of Clearview Energy. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.

The Clearview Energy Family
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