The common sources of green energy include:

Water Energy


Converting flowing water into usable energy, producing hydropower. It's also one of the oldest types of renewable sources. Water has been used to power gristmills, sawmills, and other mechanical mills. In the late 19th century, water became an early source for electricity production, a way of generating power that Clearview Energy takes advantage of today.
Solar Energy


Generated by harnessing energy from the sun, solar power is also one of the more "portable" sources of renewable energy, with solar energy cells being found on everything from calculators to the roofs of houses to vast solar farms, covering acres of land. And while it may seem like a modern form of technology, the first solar panels were actually developed in 1884.
Wind Energy


Whether powering ship sails or windmills, wind has long been a source of power. Now, we're harnessing the power of wind to turn turbines that generate energy. It's a rapidly growing source of green electricity, with wind farms dotting the rural landscape in places like West Texas, California and Arizona.
Geothermal Energy


Produced from naturally occurring steam and hot water from under the Earth’s surface. By using green energy resources to power our homes and businesses, we can prevent further environmental damage and help save fossil resources for future generations.

Advantage of Wind Energy

Turbines produce wind energy with a three-bladed turning mechanism at the end of a large pole. The blades, rotated by the wind, are connected to a turbine that spins and controls a generator, which then produces electricity. Wind energy produces zero carbon emissions, and is the most cost-effective green energy option. In the U.S., it employs thousands of Americans in local economies, and it provides an opportunity for farmers to lease their land to windfarms and still farm on the same land. Moreover, it reduces the nation’s dependence on foreign energy sources since it is produced in the U.S.
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