Community Initiatives

American Red Cross

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re working with the American Red Cross to help them ensure a sufficient supply of blood for patients in need and to prevent shortages, while also providing critical relief services to people affected by disasters.
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Conversations on the Green (CT Public Television)

Conversations on the Green (COG) is a community program produced by Connecticut Public Broadcasting PBS (and COG) creates a dialogue around today’s most important topics Engaging, enlightening, educational – and free to the public
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Arbor Day Foundation

Founded in 1972 by John Rosenow The largest nonprofit membership organization dedicated to tree planting Through our partnership, every year we financially support the planting of 10,000 trees in communities across the nation We believe we can fight climate change by planting trees
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YouTube channel at Greensters TV Dedicated to telling the stories behind the people and organizations who work to make the planet a cleaner, healthier place to live Share our vision of environmental stewardship, sustainable energy, and protecting our environment for future generations
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Climate Research and Innovation

Center for Negative Carbon Emissions at Arizona State University

Advancing carbon management technologies to capture carbon dioxide directly from outdoor air Also known as “carbon farming” Responsible disposal of captured CO2 Done through “mechanical trees” Captured CO2 can be converted into a carbon neutral fuel or other useful chemical
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Scripps Institution of Oceanography at University of San Diego

Through doctoral and master's programs, master of advanced studies, and research internships Research in climate change impacts and adaptation, human health and the oceans, polar science, biodiversity and conservation, and more Operates one of the world's largest academic research fleets
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Wind Energy Center at University of Massachusetts

The country's first academic wind energy research center Authored the leading text book, Wind Energy Explained, found in wind energy graduate education settings worldwide. We provide support for their wind energy education, academic research, and service to government and industry. Research focusing on turbine design and analysis, environmental and ecological modeling and assessment, public policy and acceptance, climate change effects, and more Considered leaders in offshore wind, performing cutting-edge research, shaping the vision for offshore wind, and educating the next generation of leaders
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Winston School Solar Car Club

Private school in Dallas, Texas, serving grades K-12 Winston Solar offered to students interested in STEM Participants experience building, maintaining, and driving a solar car Participate in solar car races on a closed track Participate in open-road, cross-country race
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Supporting Renewable Adaptation


Supports programs and policies to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in the State of New Jersey and beyond Work at the local level to expand EV programs state-by-state Provides resources and information to local leaders as well as the general public
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Won an Edison Award for new product innovation and human-centered design Works with Nest thermostats Some users may be eligible for federal tax credits Some qualifying plans offer free EV charging (terms and conditions apply)
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Industry Affiliations

Better Business BureauThe Energy Professionals Association
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