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*Assurance describes a promotional variable rate product with a kilowatt-hour rate and base fee guaranteed not to exceed the amounts stated for the promotional period outlined in the product description. Any utility bill processed after this period will receive a Clearview Energy variable kilowatt-hour rate, and base fee, that may fluctuate month-to-month.

**The switch order for March2Green plans will not be sent to your utility until approximately March28th, 2022 and will begin after the next applicable meter read as determined by your utility
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Ohio Electricity Company – Green Energy

Clearview is a premium Ohio electricity company.

Affordable Electricity In Ohio

Clearview provides service in DPL and DUKE.

You can now buy the electricity that powers your home or business from Clearview Energy.

  • Clearview provides electricity plans that are easy to understand with excellent customer support.

To find out which plans you can switch to, enter your zip code to the right and press “Sign-Up Today”. Be sure you have your utility bill handy. You can then enroll in the plan that best suits you.

Signing up is simple!

  • Use the form above to start the easy online enrollment process
  • Have your utility account number handy 
  • Complete the online enrollment process and let Clearview handle the rest

Switching Energy Suppliers in Ohio is Easy!

As a Ohio resident, you have the right to choose which supplier you want to use for your electric needs. As a part of energy deregulation, independent suppliers can now sell electricity through your existing utility lines.

Clearview offers competitive rates and a variety of energy plans. We have a plan that’s right for you and your family or business!

Basic service is market-priced electricity provided by your local distribution utility (LDU) if you have not chosen a competitive supplier. You may use the pricing and term information for Basic Service as a means of comparison to Clearview’s product offerings. You may or may not be charged a fee from your LDU when you choose a Competitive Power Supplier. Please contact your LDU for information on Basic Service rates and any associated fees if you have questions.

Clearview Electric, Inc. dba Clearview Energy is a certified Competitive Retail Electric Service Provider with Certificate No. 12-451E(1)

Registered Agent Address:
Corporation Service Company
50 West Broad Street, Suite 1330
Columbus, OH 43215

Corporate Address:
Clearview Energy
901 Main Street Suite 4700
Dallas, TX 75202

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A 100 % green product that’s great for you and the environment
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Plan Benefits

  • 100% Green Product
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