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You Now Have More Energy Choices Than Ever

Before deregulation, consumers had no choice when it came to their energy provider or where their energy came from. Utility companies simply set prices and generated, transmitted, and distributed energy as they saw fit.

Enter Deregulation

Thanks to deregulation, there are now many energy options in the marketplace and consumers may chose who supplies their electricity, with many of the options able to be tailored specifically for consumers’ needs and lifestyles.

How It Works

Competitive energy suppliers like Clearview Energy are allowed to offer energy to consumers. Depending on where you live, you may continue to be billed by your utility with a mention of your supplier, or be billed directly by your supplier.


Deregulation is good for consumers because it drives down energy costs and allows more product options. In other words, you can choose how your energy is generated and choose a plan based on any of the following considerations:
  • Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, etc.
  • Energy monitoring programs
  • Price
  • Time-of-use rate option
  • Bundled offerings
  • Rebates and incentives
  • Contract length
  • Loyalty programs