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If you are under a contract agreement with Clearview Energy, your energy supply rate will remain the same for the term of the contract. If you are under a variable rate plan, the rate can change at any time.

Please refer to the Terms of Service or the Electricity Fact Label for the State in which you are interested in service.

Clearview Energy is an electric and natural gas supplier for residential and business customers in states which allow you to purchase the electricity or gas you use from someone other than your distribution utility. As a Clearview customer, you can choose from a variety of plans from short-term to long-term guaranteed pricing. You buy your electricity and/or natural gas from Clearview Energy, but your utility is still responsible for delivering the energy to you safely. For more information on what plans are available in your area, see our Service Areas. All of Clearview’s electricity plans support renewable energy production nationally. For more information on renewable energy, see our Renewable Energy

You can:

1) complete our simple online enrollment process via our Sign Up Page or

2) call 1-800-746-4702 to enroll over the phone. Our customer service team is here to help Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET.

When you Sign Up with Clearview Energy, we supply the electricty at the rate on your selected plan to your local Electric Distribution Utility (EDU), Electric Distribution Company (EDC), or Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU). The function of those utilities is now just to deliver the electricity for the supplier (Clearview Energy).

You can:

1) complete our simple online enrollment process via our Sign Up Page or

2) call 1-800-746-4702 to enroll over the phone. Our customer service team is here to help Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. ET.

You’ll need to be an authorized decision maker on the utility account. To find out if Clearview Energy provides services in your state, please review our Service Areas

Clearview Energy does not charge an enrollment fee, but you may wish to contact your utility to see if the utility charges a fee for enrollment.

When you enroll with Clearview Energy, we notify the utility of your decision to change your energy provider to Clearview, and your utility works with us to change the responsibility of energy supply seamlessly to Clearview. Your utility knows we are an approved electric or gas supplier that has satisfied all state requirements and certifications.

If you want to switch from your current provider to Clearview Energy and if the power at your address is in your name or your spouse’s name, service can begin in approximately 7 business days (or sooner if your service address has a smart meter). Before Clearview Energy service, you must pay your security deposit (if required) or send us documentation showing that your deposit can be waived. If a security deposit is required, Clearview Energy must receive the deposit payment prior to the requested service date in order to turn on the electricity. The seamless transition to Clearview Energy will then take effect at your next meter read.

Clearview Energy works directly with your utility company to ensure a seamless transition of service with no outage

When you get a friend or family member to enroll with Clearview Energy, you both get cash back!

For more details, see our Referral Program

Contact your utility, they own the lines and are responsible for ensuring that your electric supply is delivered safely and securely to your home or business.

Contact your utility; they still own the pipelines that deliver natural gas to your home or business.

Our energy supply is very reliable - there is no interruption of service when you become a Clearview Energy customer. Your utility is still responsible for the safe and secure delivery of your electric service. Your Independent Service Operators (ISO) is responsible for ensuring that the electrical needs of your entire region or organization are met and without disruption.

Clearview can continue to provide service as long as you remain in one of our service areas. To transfer your service, contact customer service, be sure and have the new service address, dates for stopping service at your old location and beginning service at your new location.

On a ClearGreenGuarantee fixed rate plan, about a month before your contract is set to expire you will receive a notice from Clearview Energy either by mail or email. The notice will contain all the details of when your plan is set to expire and what price will be charged to your account in subsequent months.

If you are on one of our ClearGreenGuarantee fixed rate plans, you’ll get direction on how to sign up for a new plan with your expiration notice. You can always call our customer service agents at 800-746-4706 with any questions about your available options.

At the time that you sign up for your new plan, you can choose from the options available to you at that time.

Before your contract expires, you should pick a new plan if you wish to take advantage of our long-term pricing offers. Otherwise, you will be put on our month-to-month plan.

As long as you choose your new plan at least 20 days prior to your meter read, your new rate should appear on your very next bill. Otherwise, your new rate will be shown on the bill after that.

Clearview Energy will alert you of the upcoming end date of your current contract, at which time we will advise you of your renewal options.

If you don’t have an account access code, you will need to speak with one of our Customer Service representatives at 1-800-746-4702.

Deregulation gives consumers the ability to choose an energy supplier. It motivates retailers to differentiate their products from the utility and offer pricing plans and options that would have otherwise not been available. In deregulated electricity markets, these products support the generation and injection of renewable energy into your electricity grid. In a deregulated gas market, these green products support emission reduction projects that prevent polluting gases from entering the atmosphere and help contribute to a cleaner, greener environment.

While retail electric providers like Clearview Energy supply the power to the regional power grid, your TDU delivers the electricity that flows into your home. The TDU is responsible for power outages and repairs. Your utility continues to be responsible for:

  • Delivery of electricity to all users in their service area.
  • Reliability and safety of the electricity distribution system.
  • Maintenance of the electricity poles and wires.
  • Meter readings and maintenance.
  • Providing customer services related to the electricity distribution system such as cable locations and 24-hour emergency service.
  • Connecting and disconnecting the customer’s property to the electricity distribution system.

ChargePoint® is a leading provider of electrical vehicle “EV” charging.
ChargePoint sends data to Clearview Energy which is used to reimburse you for the kWh EV charging that occurs between 7PM Friday and 7AM Monday with a monthly cap of 250 kWh.

Only the ChargePoint® Home Residential EV Charger is compatible with this program. Clearview Energy does offer a $75 rebate towards the purchase of this product.

Yes, Clearview Energy offers a $75 towards rebate towards a new ChargePoint® Residential EV Charger with the completion of an enrollment with the ClearCharge Energy Plan.