Historical Variable Rates - Graph and Table

Licensed suppliers are required to post the highest and lowest generation service charge rate that was billed to their customers under a Variable rate offer in each of the preceding twelve months. The following table and graph show this information for Clearview Energy.

Highest and Lowest Variable Generation Rate Charged by Clearview Energy Over the Past Twelve Months

(Values shown in $k/Wh)

Month Dec-2020Jan-2021Feb-2021Mar-2021Apr-2021May-2021Jun-2021Jul-2021Aug-2021Sep-2021Oct-2021Nov-2021
Highest Rates $0.164$0.165$0.164$0.165$0.164$0.165$0.167$0.164$0.167$0.175$0.167$0.165
Lowest Rates $0.069$0.069$0.068$0.053$0.053$0.053$0.053$0.053$0.053$0.053$0.053$0.059