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Clearview Energy is not the same entity as your electric delivery company. You are not required to enroll with Clearview. The electric supply price to compare is 7.0 cents per kWh for CL&P customers and 8.0 cents per kWh for United Illuminating customers.  

100% Green Products In Connecticut

What do we mean when we state that our plans are 100% Green?

Clearview Energy will continue to purchase electricity on the open market, just like other electric suppliers; however, what makes us different, is that Clearview Energy will match your usage 100% with Renewable Energy Credits.

What is a Renewable Energy Credit (RECs)?

A Renewable Energy Credit, or REC, is a market-based instrument that represents the environmental attributes of renewable electricity generation. A REC is issued when one megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity is generated and delivered to the electricity grid from a renewable energy source.

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy is electricity generated by fuel sources that restore themselves over a short period of time and do not diminish. Clearview Energy purchases renewable credits from three main renewable sources: Solar, Wind and Hydro.

Why are Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) important to expanding the renewable energy?

By purchasing RECs, Clearview Energy and our customers are supporting the renewable energy market. Purchasing RECs increases the demand for renewable energy. The more RECs are in demand, the more zero - or low-emissions renewable sources of electricity is generated. For every kWh you use, we ensure that renewable energy attributes are being created equal to your usage. To learn more, visit

Licensed Electric Suppliers are required to post the highest and lowest generation service charge rate that was billed to their customers under a variable rate offer in each of the preceding 12 months. You can find this information on Clearview Energy's website at or on the supplier Rate Board that is maintained by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority at

Clearview Electric, Inc. dba Clearview Energy is a licensed Electric Supplier under Docket No. 07-08-17

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