Renewable Energy Resources

Renewable energy, also referred to as “green energy,” is energy that comes from resources that are constantly being renewed, such as sunlight, wind, water and geothermal heat. It does not generate carbon emissions or air pollution, and helps sustain natural resources.

The common sources of green energy include:


Converting flowing water into usable energy, producing hydropower


Generated by harnessing energy from the sun


Harnessing the power of wind to turn turbines that generate energy


Produced from naturally occurring steam and hot water from under the Earth’s surface

By using green energy resources to power our homes and businesses, we can prevent further environmental damage and help save fossil resources for future generations.

Advantage of Wind Energy

Turbines produce wind energy with a three-bladed turning mechanism at the end of a large pole. The blades, rotated by the wind, are connected to a turbine that spins and controls a generator, which then produces electricity. Wind energy produces zero carbon emissions, and is the most cost-effective green energy option. In the U.S., it employs thousands of Americans in local economies, as well as provides an opportunity for farmers to lease their land to windfarms and still farm on the same land. Moreover, it reduces the nation’s dependence on foreign energy sources since it is produced in the U.S.

Clearview’s Green Energy Plans

Clearview provides green energy plans that are based on 100% nationally sourced renewable resources, mostly wind-generated. We are proud to offer an energy source that produces zero carbon emissions, does not deplete our natural resources and contributes to the growth of our economy.

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