Earth Day, Every Day

Earth Day, Every Day

We’resure you’re familiar with Earth Day, the annual celebration of our environment. Held every April 22, Earth Day gives people an opportunity to reflect on the choices they make and how they can act to do even more for our planet. The Earth Day Network (the organization behind Earth Day efforts) hosts events around the world on April 22, bringing people together and shining a light on the different issues affecting our environment.

This year was a little different. Some in-person events went virtual while unfortunately many others were canceled. Like so many things this year, Earth Day was something we had to put on the back burner until next year. We hope.

Regardless whether there are events on Earth Day or not, the Earth Day Network continues its work to protect the environment, eliminate climate change, and ensure a clean and safe planet for future generations.

Many of the Earth Day Network’s efforts are educational, teaching others of the many simple choices they can make to clean up their planet. But the Earth Day Network also engages in political activity, sponsoring legislation and promoting candidates who back green agendas. In fact, the amount of work they do serves as a constant reminder that, in order to be successful, we can’t just focus on green living once a year. Earth Day must happen every day.

We’re optimistic Earth Day 2021 will take place as it has in the past. We also hope you’ll celebrate with us. But until then, when we celebrate over half a century of environmental awareness and action, we’d like for you to ask yourself, “What can I do to make every day Earth Day?”

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But, shameless plugs aside, the Earth Day Network has organized a number of other events and activities you can participate in, such as “Try a Simple Act of Green,” where you commit to making small changes in your everyday choices, or “Volunteer with,” where you sign up to receive updates on the latest resources, activities you can do at home or online, and ways to spread the word to your friends.

You can learn more about these and many other programs on the Earth Day Network site.

And, of course, there’s recycling, relying on mass transit, reducing your reliance on single-use plastics, and loads of other habits you can develop to help protect the environment and celebrate Earth Day 365 days a year.

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